About GRAC

Aims of the GRAC
The aim of the GRAC is to enhance the cultural, spiritual, social, emotional and economic Wellbeing of Gawler Ranges Peoples.

Business Plan
The business of the Corporation is to deliver outcomes that will alleviate Poverty which is the major factor that impacts the lives of Aborignal people.

GRAC Values
Core cultural values of RECIPOCITY, RESPECT & RELATIONSHIPS are the principles that underpin how all business and decision making of the corporation will be conducted. All members have an investment and a say in how this Corporation is run, so the governance of the organisation must be conducted in a respectful way.

Vision statement
Our vision is to work harmoniously with all native title claimants and other stakeholders. This way of working respectfully with each other, will ensure benefits derived from mining and other money making ventures are used to protect the cultural integrity of our People and the Land.

Board of Directors
A Board of Directors is elected by the members of the GRAC at the AGM. Between 7 and 9 people are chosen by the general membership to lead and manage the affairs of the organisation. The Directors serve a term of 2 years and are required to uphold the Rules and Policy of the Corporation in a respectful way.

Gawler Ranges